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Volume 2
  • Editor-in-ChiefDah-an Ho
  • Publication Date2001/1/1
  • Introduction
  • LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS is fully open access and is the only international linguistics journal that publishes in English and traditional Chinese. With original studies and rigorous review process, the journal has been indexed by Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI).

Actor-sensitivity and obligatory control in Kavalan and some other Formosan languages

Henry Y. Chang & Wei-tien Dylan Tsai

pages : 1-20

Personal agreements and phonological alternations in the Tangut verb

Hwang-cherng Gong

pages : 21-67

A study on the genetic affiliation of Guanyinqiao speech

Bufan Huang

pages : 69-92

Remarks on object movement in Mandarin SOV order

Shu-ing Shyu

pages : 93-124

Definiteness agreement and the Chinese DP

Andrew Simpson

pages : 125-156

On language of the Qiangic branch in Tibeto-Burman

Hongkai Sun

pages : 157-181

A concept formation experiment on the nasality of vowels in Taiwan Min

H. Samuel Wang

pages : 183-195

The historic role of the Late Professor Y. R. Chao's 1929 field materials

Anne O. Yue

pages : 197-228


Shu-juo Chen & Mutsu Hsu

pages : 231-235

Some remarks on the DNA study on Austronesian origins

Paul Jen-kuei Li

pages : 237-239


Marie Lin

pages : 241-246

Comment on: Bing Su et al. ?Polynesian origins: Insights from the Y chromosome,? PNAS 97.15:8225-8228 (July 18, 2000)

Lawrence A. Reid

pages : 247-252

從“Polynesian origins: Insights from the Y chromosome”一文談南島民族的起源和擴散問題

Cheng-Hwa Tsang

pages : 253-260


Ming-Ke Wang

pages : 261-267

The dispersal of the Formosan aborigines in Taiwan

Paul Jen-Kuei Li

pages : 271-278

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