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2018 英屬哥倫比亞大學語言學博士


2019/02 — 本所助研究員




編輯 UBC Working Papers in Linguistics (2014-2017)
協辦 The 29th Northwest Linguistics Conference (NWLC-29), UBC, Vancouver, CA, April 26-27, 2013


2014 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞文學院研究獎(台灣南島語言情態詞的時間語意研究)
2013 第二十三屆東南亞語言學會(SEALS-23)優秀學生摘要獎
2012 第二十屆國際中國語言學會(IACL-20)青年學者獎決賽入圍


泰雅語和布農語時制與動貌系統之議題研究 (2019/07/01–2020/06/30)

icon論文著作 - 期刊論文
  • Chen, Sihwei and Haowen Jiang. (In press). Ways of talking about the past: -in- and =in in Bunun. Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (Selected Papers from AFLA25).

icon論文著作 - 研討會論文
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2017. Initial stages of events: The Atayal unmarked predicates. Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, eds. by Aaron Kaplan et al. pp. 107-114. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.  download
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2017. Bundling perfective and perfect: The Atayal wal. Proceedings of GLOW in Asia XI, volume 1, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 84, ed. by Michael Y. Erlewine pp. 65-78. Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics (Available at https://glowlinguistics.org/asia11/proceedings/).
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2016. Lexical aspect and aspectually unmarked predicates in Atayal. Proceedings of the 23rd Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association, eds. by Hiroki Nomoto, Takuya Miyauchi, and Asako Shiohara pp. 65-80. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics.  download
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2016. The absence of inverse scope in Tlingit. Proceedings of the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas [WSCLA] 20 (UBCWPL 43), eds. by Emily Sadlier-Brown, et al. pp. 1-15. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia (http://epub.linguistics.ubc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/WSCLA20-01-Chen.pdf).
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2014. The syntactic categories of adverbials in Atayal. UBC Working Papers in Linguistics 38, eds. by Zoe Lam and Natalie Weber pp. 1-26. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia (http://epub.linguistics.ubc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/WSCLA20-01-Chen.pdf)http://linguistics.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2014/03/Chen_NWLC29_pages.pdf).
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2013. The temporal interpretation of modals in Mandarin Chinese. UBC Working Papers in Linguistics 34 (https://lingpapers.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2018/01/QPVolume2.pdf), eds. by Alexis Black and Meagan Louie pp. 15–30. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia.
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2012. The interaction of modals and temporal marking in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of GLOW-in-Asia IX 2012 (poster sessions), eds. by Nobu Goto, Koichi Otaki, Atsushi Sato, and Kensuke Takita article 4. Mie, Japan: Mie, Japan: Mie University (http://faculty.human.mie-u.ac.jp/~glow_mie/IX_Proceedings_Oral/GLOWIXProceedings_Final.pdf).

icon論文著作 - 專書論文
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2018. When the progressive and result state meet: The Atayal cyux/nyux. Wa7 xweysas i nqwal’utteniha i ucwalmicwa: He loves the people’s languages. Essays in honour of Henry Davis pp. 243-258. Matthewson, Lisa, Erin Guntly, Marianne Huijsmans and Michael Rochemont, Vancouver, BC: UBC Occasional Papers in Linguistics vol. 6.  download
  • Chen, Sihwei, Vera Hohaus, Rebecca Laturnus, Meagan Louie, Lisa Matthewson, Hotze Rullmann, Ori Simchen, Claire K. Turner and Jozina Vander Klok. 2017. Past possibility cross-linguistically: Evidence from 12 languages. Modality Across Syntactic Categories pp. 235–287. A. Arregui, A. Salanova & M.-L. Rivero, Oxford: Oxford University Press.  download

icon論文著作 - 專書
  • Chen, Sihwei. 2018. Finding Semantic Building Blocks: Temporal and Modal Interpretation in Atayal. PhD Dissertation, University of British Columbia (Available at https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/24/items/1.0373089).

icon論文著作 - 其他
  • Chen, Sihwei, Jozina Vander Klok, Lisa Matthewson and Hotze Rullmann. (Submitted). The ‘experiential’ as an existential past: Evidence from Javanese and Atayal (Draft on request).

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