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本所副研究員 (2009/01/06—迄今)
本所助研究員 (2003/09/11—2009/01/05)
美國奧克蘭大學訪問助理教授 (2001/01—2003/08)
美國偉恩州立大學兼任助理教授 (2000/01—2000/05)


        For the last few years, I have been working on various aspects of Qiang (Tibeto-Burman) phonology, phonetics, and historical morphology.

        I am interested in the Qiang (Tibeto-Burman) language of Sichuan province. In particular, I am interested in how language-internal and language-external factors affect its historical development. This research has extended to both morphology and phonology. With regard to morphology, I recently (2004) reconstructed the Proto-Qiang verb canon


        More of my research has been in the area of historical phonology. At present, I am engaged in teasing apart the effects of tone, stress, and accent in Southern Qiang dialects, with a view to a greater understanding of how tone has arisen in (some of) these dialects.

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