Current research projects

Project Duration Principal Investigator Title
2019 Grand Challenge Seed Program
Chia-Ying LEE
To improve the detection of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease by simultaneous recording of eye-movement and electrical brain potentials in natural reading
2016 Thematic Research Program
Chia-Ying LEE
To optimize mental capital and well-being in children and elders through brain science technologies and intervention
2016 Academia Sinica Investigator Award
Elizabeth ZEITOUN
A comparative study of Rukai
Research Grants, Ministry of Science and Technology
2015/08/01~2018/07/31 Jackson T.-S. SUN Investigation of the Tibetic Languages of Heishui County in Sichuan
2015/08/01~2017/11/30 Chiu-yu TSENG Prosodic Highlights in Continuous Speech--Projection and Entailment of On-line Projection of Information Allocation and Paragraph Associations
2016/08/01~2019/07/31 Chia-Ying LEE Neural and language deficits in normal aging and primary progressive aphasia
2016/08/01~2018/01/31 Chih-Chen Jane TANG Plural Nouns: A Comparative Study of Mandarin, English and Paiwan
2016/08/01~2018/07/31 Hui-chuan J. HUANG The role of metrical and morphological structures in vowel realization of C'uli' Atayal
2016/08/01~2018/07/31 Wei-wen Roger LIAO The Cartograpy of EVEN and its kin in Chinese
2016/08/01~2018/07/31 Stacy Fang-ching TENG Comparative studies of verb classification, voice and nominalization and tense/aspect/modal systems in three Puyuma dialects II
2016/08/01~2017/12/31 Su-ying HSIAO Koke Sudur (Blue chronicle) and Manchu-Mongolian-Chinese Readers: Corpora and a linguistic study 2
2016/08/01~2018/07/31 Pei-chuan WEI A Study of the Grammaticalization of Demonstratives in Old Chinese
2017/01/01~2018/12/31 Chia-Ying LEE Aging-related neural compensation for making use of linguistic cues in language comprehension
2017/01/01~2018/12/31 Elizabeth ZEITOUN Word Classes, Morphology, and Applications to Language Teaching in Rukai, Kanakanavu, Thao and Bunun
2017/01/01~2018/12/31 Stacy Fang-ching TENG Word classes, morphology, and their applications to language teaching in Puyuma and Lha'alua
2017/08/01~2019/07/31 Ovid J.-L. TZENG Bilingualism, Reading, and the Adaptive Aging Brain
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Hui-chuan J. HUANG A typological study of vowel syncope in Atayal
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Chih-Chen Jane TANG Paramatric Constraints on Nominal Pluralization:A Comparative Analysis of Chinese, English and Formosan Languages
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Jo-wang LIN An Investigation of the Syntax and Semantics of "Men"
2017/08/01~2019/07/31 Rui-wen WU The Stratum of the Ancient Jiang Dong Dialect in Modern Min Wu and Gan DialectsⅡ
2017/08/01~2019/07/31 Shu-Chuan TSENG Computation and analysis of phonetic variants in a spontaneous Chinese speech corpus
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Ying-chin LIN The Morphosyntax of the Tangut language ─A new look from the Tangut Golden Light Sutra and other existing Tangut texts.
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Su-ying HSIAO Corpora of Late and Early Modern Mongolian Texts and a diachronic study of morphology and syntax
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Paul Jen-Kuei Li The Diversity of Formosan Languages
2017/08/01~2018/07/31 Henry Yungli CHANG Exclamatives and the ForceP in Tsou
2017/08/01~2019/07/31 Min-hua CHIANG A synchronic and diachronic study on Hakka degree and temporal adverbs

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