Current research projects

Project Duration Principal Investigator Title
2021 Academia Sinica Investigator Award
Elizabeth ZEITOUN
A reference grammar of Saisiyat
Research Grants, Ministry of Science and Technology
2015/08/01~2021/07/31 Jackson T.-S. SUN Investigation of the Tibetic Languages of Heishui County in Sichuan
2018/08/01~2021/07/31 JACKSON T.-S. SUN Comparative Study of Key Languages in the Horpic Subgroup
2018/08/01~2021/07/31 HUI-CHUAN J. HUANG A Phonological Analysis of Consonant Clusters in Atayal Orthography
2018/08/01~2021/07/31 JONATHAN P. EVANS The effects of simulated speech context on loudness perception
2019/01/01~2021/01/31 JO-WANG LIN Development and Management for Research in Linguistics
2019/08/01~2021/07/31 STACY FANG-CHING TENG A comparative study of the valency decreasing devices in Puyuma, Paiwan and Amis
2019/08/01~2021/07/31 CHIA-YING LEE The roles of word frequency, contextual diversity, and semantic diversity in the development of mental lexical
2019/08/01~2021/07/31 RUI-WEN WU On the Historical Relation between Modern Xiang Dialects and Jiang Dong Dialect of Six Dynasties
2019/08/01~2022/07/31 MIN-HUA CHIANG A Grammar of Taiwan Hakkas: Perspectives from Synchronic and Diachronic Comparisons
2019/08/01~2022/07/31 JONATHAN P. EVANS Dimasa Phonology, Texts, Grammar, and Lexicon
2019/08/01~2021/07/31 ELIZABETH ZEITOUN Another look at numeral systems and composite numerals in Formosan languages from a typological perspective
2020/08/01~2022/07/31 SHU-CHUAN TSENG Annotated corpus of child speech: Data analysis and modeling of vowels and tones
2020/08/01~2022/07/31 JO-WANG LIN Monotonicity Properties and Their Applications in Chinese
2020/08/01~2022/07/31 SIHWEI CHEN Formal properties of final particles in Atayal and a comparative study of Formosan languages
2020/08/01~2021/07/31 HUI-CHUAN J. HUANG The Phonology of Glottals in Bunun
2020/08/01~2021/07/31 WEI-WEN ROGER LIAO On Finiteness and Speaker Anchoring in Mandarin Chinese
2020/08/01~2021/07/31 HENRY YUNGLI CHANG Numerals and Predication in Tsou
2020/08/01~2021/07/31 PEI-CHUAN WEI The function of the adverb “jie” in Old Chinese
2020/08/01~2021/07/31 EDITH ALDRIDGE Bounded Events in Rukai
2020/07/01~2022/06/30 PAUL JEN-KUEI LI Study of Formosan Languages Materials by Shigeru Tsuchida

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