Linguistic Structure and Typology Research Group

Principal Investigators
Henry Yungli CHANG
Min-hua CHIANG
Su-ying HSIAO
Wei-wen Roger LIAO
Jo-wang LIN
Chih-hsiang SHU
Chih-Chen Jane TANG
Stacy Fang-ching TENG
Chiu-yu TSENG
Shu-Chuan TSENG
Rui-wen WU
Elizabeth ZEITOUN
〔Group Profile〕
 “Field Research Group” was founded in 1995 to retain the academic practice of the Institute of History and Philology that bases their research on first hand linguistic materials. The main objective was to integrate linguistic research materials and devices, including books, maps, computer software and hardware, to a shared resource. After the establishment of the Institute of Linguistics in 2004, it was renamed “Typology Group”, focusing on principle issues of linguistic typology. Various academic activities and events were organized for researchers to share their fieldwork methods and research results in Tibetan, Austronesian and Altaic languages. By 2010, as the research interest of this group was extended to language structure and typology, it was thus renamed “Linguistic Structure and Typology Research Group”. Workshops and conferences are regularly organized for individual or collaborative projects. Domestic and foreign researchers are invited to exchange their ideas and share their research results in conferences on specific issues. Members of this group continue to base their research on first hand data collected from fieldwork, regardless of their interest being on formal theories, comparative studies or historical linguistics. By holding various academic activities, it is hoped that a platform can be established for the purpose of sharing research resources, exchanging experiences, and promoting collaborations in the linguistic circle in Taiwan.

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