Research Fellows

Jo-wang LIN Distinguished Research Fellow & Director (Director's E-mail)
Semantics, Syntax, Syntax-semantics interface
Chia-Ying LEE Research Fellow & Deputy Director (Deputy Director's E-mail)
Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience
Jackson T.-S. SUN Distinguished Research Fellow
Functional-typological Linguistics, Historical Linguistics
Ying-chin LIN Research Fellow
Descriptive Analysis, Historical Linguistics, Linguistic Ecology
Pei-chuan WEI Research Fellow
Historical Linguistics, Language Archive
Elizabeth ZEITOUN Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Language Archive, Functional Linguistics, Typology
Henry Yungli CHANG Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics
Shu-Chuan TSENG Research Fellow
Spontaneous speech Analysis, Spoken Corpora Processing
Min-hua CHIANG Research Fellow
Phonology and Grammar study of Hakka dialects, Chinese phonology, and Chinese dialectology
Rui-wen WU Research Fellow
Descriptive Analysis, Historical Linguistics
Jonathan P. EVANS Associate Research Fellow
Phonetics and Phonology of Qiang; Spatial Semantics
Hui-chuan J. HUANG Associate Research Fellow
Phonology, Austronesian Phonology, Phonetics
Stacy Fang-ching TENG Associate Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Descriptive Analysis, Typology
Su-ying HSIAO Associate Research Fellow
Holo Taiwanese syntax, Mongolian Syntax, Language Typology
Wei-wen Roger LIAO Associate Research Fellow
Generative Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interfaces, Semantics, Morphology and Morphosyntax, Biolinguistics
Edith Aldridge Associate Research Fellow
syntactic variation and change
Chih-hsiang SHU Assistant Research Fellow
syntax, syntactic theory, morphology and syntax in mandarin
Sihwei Chen Assistant Research Fellow
Formal semantics; Pragmatics; Cross-linguistic comparison; Formosan languages; Fieldwork

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