Research Fellows

Jo-wang LIN Distinguished Research Fellow & Director (Director's E-mail)
Semantics, Syntax, Syntax-semantics interface
Chia-Ying LEE Research Fellow & Deputy Director (Deputy Director's E-mail)
Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience
Chiu-yu TSENG Distinguished Research Fellow
Corpus Phonetics, Speech Prosody Analysis, Computation & Simulation
Jackson T.-S. SUN Distinguished Research Fellow
Functional-typological Linguistics, Historical Linguistics
Ying-chin LIN Research Fellow
Descriptive Analysis, Historical Linguistics, Linguistic Ecology
Pei-chuan WEI Research Fellow
Historical Linguistics, Language Archive
Chih-Chen Jane TANG Research Fellow
Chinese Linguistics, Austronesian Linguistics, Typology, Syntax
Elizabeth ZEITOUN Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Language Archive, Functional Linguistics, Typology
Henry Yungli CHANG Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics
Shu-Chuan TSENG Research Fellow
Spontaneous speech Analysis, Spoken Corpora Processing
Min-hua CHIANG Research Fellow
Phonology and Grammar study of Hakka dialects, Chinese phonology, and Chinese dialectology
Rui-wen WU Research Fellow
Descriptive Analysis, Historical Linguistics
Jonathan P. EVANS Associate Research Fellow
Phonetics and Phonology of Qiang; Spatial Semantics
Hui-chuan J. HUANG Associate Research Fellow
Phonology, Austronesian Phonology, Phonetics
Stacy Fang-ching TENG Associate Research Fellow
Austronesian Linguistics, Descriptive Analysis, Typology
Su-ying HSIAO Associate Research Fellow
Holo Taiwanese syntax, Mongolian Syntax, Language Typology
Wei-wen Roger LIAO Associate Research Fellow
Generative Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interfaces, Semantics, Morphology and Morphosyntax, Biolinguistics
Chih-hsiang SHU Assistant Research Fellow
syntax, syntactic theory, morphology and syntax in mandarin

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