Administrative Staff

Yin-hsiu Hsu
Associate Executive Officer 02-2652-5012
Personnel recruitment, contract renewal, evaluation, promotion and related administrative affairs for faculty members.
Jessica Chou
Associate Executive Officer and Accountant 02-2652-5046
Assisting annual budget planning, supervising purchase bidding, bookkeeping, auditing and other accounting related affairs.
Yu-ling Hsu
officer (02)2652-5003
Position Retained without Pay
Grace H-Y Huang
Director's Assistant 02-2652-5010
Assisting institute level academic affairs (Performance Evaluation, Advisory Committee Meeting, Faculty meetings) and other assigned affairs.
Yung-Chi Liu
Academic Assistant 02-2652-5013
Assisting general affairs related to academic events, conferences, institute Advisory Committee meeting and invitation/visitation programs and other assigned affairs.
Vivian Ya-wen Lin
Personnel Assistant 02-2652-5008
Personnel management and related administrative affairs for non-faculty members (post-doc, research assistant, scholarship recipients) and other assigned affairs.
Claire M.-L. Shyu
General Services Assistant 02-2652-5005
Management of public affairs, campus housing, student help, general maintenance and other related affairs.
Yeanang Lin
Academic Program Assistant 02-2652-5007
Internal/external research grant application, expenditure verification and project closure, and other assigned affairs.
Hsiu-Lien Lin
Ilcashier Assistant 02-2652-5009
Salary dissemination, filing and withholding income tax, issuing and collection of receipts, bid bond, and bank guarantee related paperwork.
Hui-Chun Lee
Inventory Documentation Assistant and Purchaser Assistant 02-2652-5006
Receiving and disseminating official documents、purchase related affairs and environmental education training and other assigned affairs.
Property Management Assistant and Purchaser Assistant (02)2652-5000#6100
Property and inventory management、purchase related affairs and other assigned affairs
Sung-Pin Hsu
Information Systems Technician 02-2652-5004
System analysis and design, programming, network maintenance, and information security control.
Jen-Hui WANG
Editorial Assistant 02-2652-5049
Submission and review, administrative and promotion of LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS
Ya-Chu Yang
Editorial Assistant 02-2652-5020
Copy-editing and typesetting of LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS
Tzu-chun Chen
Editorial Assistant 02-2652-5021
Copy-editing and typesetting of LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS
Pei-pei Wu
Library Assistant 02-2652-5295
Collection, acquisition and procurement of books/e-books, and other related affairs.
Woan-jiun Lin
Library Assistant 02-2652-5288
Periodical subscription, check-and-acceptance, binding and archiving, e-journal contacts and library service related affairs.

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