Language and Linguistics New Publication: Common Neo-Hakka: A Comparative Reconstruction

Book Title: Common Neo-Hakka: A Comparative Reconstruction (共同新客家話語音系統的比較構擬)
Author: W. South Coblin
Series Number: 63
Issue Date: December 2019
This work is a comparative study of the Hakka dialect group (now called Neo-Hakka by specialists), using the traditional comparative method of phonological reconstruction. 1368 monosyllabic cognate sets are examined; and a special chapter is devoted to the reconstruction of eighty full words, both monosyllabic and polysyllabic. Special attention is devoted to the problem of lexical layering in the dialect lexicon. A concluding chapter discusses relevant Hakka historical and demographic questions, specific historical phonological problems, and possible avenues for future research in the history and pre-history of the Hakka dialects. A subject index and a full inventory of lexical sets conclude the work.

Copyright 2015 Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica