Language and Linguistics New Publication: Tshobdun Rgyalrong Spoken Texts With a Grammatical Introduction

Book Title: Tshobdun Rgyalrong Spoken Texts With a Grammatical Introduction (草登嘉戎語口語文本分析暨語法綱要)
Author: Jackson T.-S. Sun, Bstan’dzin Blogros
Series Number: 62
Issue Date: December 2019
Tshobdun Rgyalrong is a distinct, morphology-rich Sino-Tibetan language spoken in northwestern Sichuan. This book comprises an original collection of Tshobdun annotated spoken texts, accompanied by a synopsis of the phonology and grammar of the language. The oral tradition of storytelling used to be a primary means of cultural transmission and participatory entertainment in Tshobdun and other Rgyalrong communities. This tradition is sadly no longer practiced. The current volume of seventy-five carefully selected texts represents a substantial new contribution to the preservation and linguistic analysis of Rgyalrong spoken data. The data contained in this book were collected during extensive fieldwork conducted over the past two decades, representing the native speech of co-author Bstan’dzin Blogros. This book is intended for all readers interested in the structures of Sino-Tibetan languages and in the local cultures and folklore of non-Sinitic populations of southwest China.

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