Making speech tangible: for better understanding of human speech communication
Conceptual frames and linguistic-gestural processing
Characteristics and Implications of plural markings of Formosan Numerals and Nouns: A Comparative Analysis of Paiwan, Atayal, Puyuma, Amis and Bunun
ϕ-Feature Competition and the Origin of the Austronesian Extraction Restriction
Word-level prosody in Punjabi
A reexamination of the Philippine-type voice system and its implications for Austronesian primary-level subgrouping.
Clausal Constituency as a Window into Historical Austronesian Morphosyntax
Subject indexes in Budai Rukai and hortative meanings in Austronesian
Viewpoint aspects in Atayal
Two-Tiered Agree: A Case Study of Degree Adverbs
The Classification of Paiwan from a Dialect Geography and Linguistic Perspective
(Popular Science Lectures) Language contact and language change among the Formosan languages: an exemplification with Saisiyat
Correlates of ergativity in Mayan
Khalkha Mongolian: phonetic characteristics, current status and its influence on other dialects
A preliminary study of 19th century Mongolian glossaries transcribed in Tibetan script: phonetics, phonology and lexicon
Manner/Result dichotomy and verb classes in Amis and Puyuma
From Duration to Aspect: The V Tsit-e(-a) O--(Tsit)-e Construction in Taiwan Southern Min
On "quantity" number phrases in Mandarin
Emphatic Affirmative Mood and the ForceP in Tsou
Modal Reference Effect as the Analogue to Root Infinitive in Child Mandarin
The Pangloss Collection: demo, quick history, and ongoing developments
Tone in Yongning Na: lexical tones and morphotonology
Verb-Stem Formation In Horpa Languages: A Comprehensive Survey
Good-enough parsing, activation, prediction: evidences from EEG
Social Information in the Representation of Linguistic Categories
A corpus-based diachronic study of ‘SAY’ verbs in Mongolian and Manchu
Merger and the reversal of merger
Lexical vs. synctactic nominalization in Saaroa and Kanakanavu
Mapping conversational patterns across languages
Translating Seediq Bale into Seediq
Foot Reduplication and Triplication in Isbukun Bunun10
Weak Vowels in Two Atayal Dialects
A crosslinguistic syntax of scalar and non-scalar focus particle sentences: the view from Vietnamese and Chinese
Aero-tactile speech perception and production
Metalinguistic negation vs. descriptive negation among their kin and foes
The Extraction Asymmetry of Topicalization and Main Clause Phenomena
打造中文語料庫研究的顯微鏡 (Professor Jason S. Chang)、以Linggle為本的文法教學研究 (Professor Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai)
Phonological regularity, perceptual biases, and the role of phonological grammar in speech error analysis
An investigation on how Mandarin-speaking learners process English relative clauses in real time
The neural substrates of contextual predictions in sentence comprehension
Do prototypes of spoken word variants exist?
Quantifier Float in Hmong
A reconstruction of the Proto Puyuma aspectual and modal system
Is the glass half-full, or half-empty? The reverse concept of Chinese stress
Hacking into the brain: the wonders of language and linguistic research
Exploring Merge: A New Form of Sideward Movement
Between phonetics and phonology: Of the beast and the untamed savage
Towards a proper treatment of chainshift tone sandhi: A case study of the tone systems of Penang Hokkien
Analyzing the functions of the quotative verb ge- in Khalkha Mongolian
Anti-A Movement
The Negative Cycle in Chinese: From Synthetic to Analytic and back to Synthetic Negation?
Changes in spoken F0 induce changes in perceived loudness
Equivalence in sufficiency modal constructions
The Syntax and Semantics of “Zhi” and “Guang” in Mandarin Chinese
Speech errors and phonological patterns: Integrating insights from psycholinguistic and linguistic theory
On the Heterogeneous Discourse and Syntactic Properties of Root Exclamatives in Mandarin
The subjective nature of Mandarin hen in positive sentences
Verb classes and grammatical relations in Northern Amis
The ka’-construction in Maut’uwal (Mayrinax Atayal) Grammar and Discourse
How to Subgroup a New Tibetic Lect? The Case of Sastod (Khrochu County, Sichuan)
Language Shapes Children’s Understanding of Number
Software Tools for Rhythm Formant Analysis
Emotive constructions based on the quotative verb ge- in Khalkha Mongolian
On the location of pitch accents
A corpus-based diachronic study of copulas and pseudo-copulas in Mongolian
Uncovering syllable-final nasal merging in Taiwan Mandarin
Voice, transitivity, and the notions of topic and subject in Saisiyat
Unstressed Vowel Syncope in Maybalay Atayal as a Result of Positional Augmentation
An introduction to computational language documentation: example of the BULB project (This talk is conducted by video)
Controlled by Attitudes
How literacy affects spoken word recognition
Modality and temporality in Atayal counterfactuals and implications
Syllable merger: Is it a phonological or phonetic phenomenon?
The effect of linguistic experience on perceived vowel duration: Evidence from Taiwan Mandarin speakers
Praat Introduction Workshop
Phonological realization of tones in Tangsa (video lecture)
The notion of prominence: Voice choice and coding of arguments in Katripulr Puyuma
Phonological features of the Aoic languages
Tone speakers' flexibility to switch between opposing and following responses to pitch-shifted auditory feedback
The Distributive Dou in Mandarin Chinese: On its Licensing DPs
The social meaning of sibilant merger in Taiwan Mandarin: a substrate feature turning an identity marker

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