ILAS is one of the institutes in the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines at Academia Sinica. The present Director is Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng (Distinguished Research Fellow) and assisted by two Deputy Directors, Dr. Jo-wang Lin (Distinguised Research Fellow) and Dr. Rui-wen Wu (Associate Research Fellow). The structure of ILAS is described below.
Faculty Meeting
      Under the Organizational Regulations of the Institutes of Academia Sinica, each research institute is required to establish a Faculty Meeting that is composed of the director, deputy director(s), distinguished research fellows, full-time research fellows, full-time associate research fellows and assistant research fellows. The Faculty Meeting is convened at least bimonthly by the director. If one-third or more of those required to attend the Faculty Meeting recommend convening a interim meeting, the director may convene a Faculty Meeting.
The main responsibility of committees is to make final recommendations for approval at the Faculty Meeting. Respective committees and the tasks they carry out include:
1. Standing Committees
   Members of each committee are elected at Faculty Meetings for a one or two-year term and may be re-elected for another subsequent term.
    (a) Academic Affairs (6 to 8 elected members, 2-year term): Plan for ad hoc assignments pertaining to academic applications as well as academic performance policies.
    (b) Publication (7 to 9 elected members, 2-year term): Oversees editorial policies and publications. 
    (c) Tech Support (3 to 5 elected members, 2-year term): Aid academic computing services. 
    (d) Library (3 to 5 elected members, 2-year term): Plan for institute’s library resources.
2. Ad hoc Committees:
    (a) Recruitment (5 to 7 members, 1-year term): Draft selection criteria, conducting the search and make a final recommendation to the Faculty Meeting.
    (b) Promotion (5 to 9 members, 1-year term): Examine the candidate’s application dossier and review candidate’s academic accomplishments in the areas of research, making a final recommendation to the Faculty Meeting.
    (c) Contract Renewal (5 to 9 members): same as above.
    (d) Performance Evaluation (5 to 9 members): Review academic and administrative performance.
 3. Research Groups:Their role is to promote group-based research and enhance research capacity. All research faculty members can choose to participate in the following research groups every year:
    (1) Corpus and Computational Linguistics
    (2) Linguistics Structure and Typology
    (3) Phonetics, Phonology and Speech Science

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