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語言暨語言學系列 外編之五
編者:張永利、 黃美金、何大安
Size: 19 X 26 cm xiv+724 pages

Part I:Morphology and syntax
The Whole-Word Morphology of Micronesian Noun Inflection
Byron W. Bender
Associative and Possessive Constructions in Oceanic: The Links and the Differences
Frantisek Lichtenberk
Human Noun Pluralization in Northern Luzon Languages
Lawrence A. Reid
Simple Sentences in Malagasy
Charles Randriamasimanana (任查理)
An Overview of Reduplication in Formosan Languages
Elizabeth Zeitoun (齊莉莎)、吳貞慧  (Chen-huei Wu)

Case Marking, Reference and DP Structure: A Comparative Study of Paiwan, Atayal and Chamorro
湯志真 (Chih-Chen Jane Tang)

Adverbial Function of Seediq Conveyance Voice Future Form
月田尚美 (Naomi Tsukida)

Case Marking System in Plngawan Atayal
黃美金 (Lillian M. Huang) 

Reciprocals in Kavalan and a Typological Comparison
宋麗梅 (Li-May Sung)、沈家綺 (Chia-chi Shen)

The Analysis of Pa- Verbs in Amis
吳靜蘭 (Joy Wu)

A Formal Study of Grammaticalization in Tsou
蔡維天 (Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai)

戴浩一 (James H-Y. Tai)、蘇秀芬 (Shiou-fen Su)

Isbukun 布農語基本詞綴的語義分析
曾思奇 (Siqi Zeng)

陳 康 (Kang Chen)
Part II: Semantics
The Grammaticalization of ’am in Saisiyat
葉美利 (Marie Meili Yeh)
Polysemy and Categorization: Implications to Corpus Documentation
蘇以文 (Lily I-wen Su)、Shuping Huang
Part III: Phonology
Supertemplatic Reduplication and Beyond
Robert Blust (白樂思)
Phonological Variation and Sound Change in Yami on Orchid Island
何德華 (D. Victoria Rau)、 張惠環 (Hui-Huan Ann Chang)

Squliq Atayal Syllable Onset: Simple or Complex?
黃慧娟 (Hui-chuan J. Huang)
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