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語言暨語言學系列 丙種之三
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These papers on Formosan languages were published between 1974 and 2004.  They deal with a range of topics, including general Formosan linguistics, phonology, syntax, reconstruction, language relationships and classification, homeland and migration, sociolinguistics, traditional songs, and four miscellaneous papers; and they are hereunder so arranged.  Sometimes the classification of an article proved difficult, as it may have touched upon several categories or have involved interdisciplinary research.
Thirty-five of the papers in this collection were written in English so as to attain the widest, international circulation, while eighteen others were written in Chinese to accommodate a more local audience in Taiwan.  Still other of my papers have been excluded from this collection altogether, for several reasons.  E.g., “Classification of the sinicized tribes in northern Taiwan, as based on linguistic evidence” (in Chinese) replicated parts of other work that has been included; “On comparative Tsou” and “Classification of Formosan languages: Lexical evidence” are out of date; and “A comparative vocabulary of Saisiyat dialects” was left out due to considerations of space.
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