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第5卷 (2004) 第 1 期目錄
Question Movement in Some SOV Languages and the Theory of Feature Checking
K. A. Jayaseelan
How Come and other Adjunct Wh-phrases: A Cross-linguistic Perspective
越智正男 (Masao Ochi)
Parametrization of Quantificational Determiners and Head-Internal Relatives
渡邊明 (Akira Watanabe)
Internally Headed Relative Clauses in Austronesian Languages
Edith Aldridge (李琦) 
On the Acquisition of Scrambling in Japanese
村杉惠子 (Keiko Murasugi)、川村知子 (Tomoko Kawamura)
Filler-Gap Dependencies in the Processing of Scrambling in Japanese
Edson T. Miyamoto、高橋將一 (Shoichi Takahash)
Two Notes on ATB Movement
葛西宏信 (Hironobu Kasai)
Move is Remerge
張寧(Niina Zhang)
Plural Morphemes, Definiteness, and the Notion of Semantic Parameter
藏藤健雄 (Takeo Kurafuji)
Specific Nominals in Chinese and Korean
金志映 (Ji-yung Kim)
On de/bu and the Syntactic Nature of Resultative Verbal Compounding
吳靜慧 (Ching-Huei Teresa Wu)
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