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第20卷 (2019) 第 2 期目錄
Special Issue: The interface of semantics & etymology, morpho-syntax, and pragmatics in Chinese
韓漢同源說的問題與韓漢語言關係 [The problem of the affinity between Korean and Chinese and the relation of the two languages]
嚴翼相 (Ik-sang Eom)
Scalarity, degree reading and maximality in a Mandarin numeral construction
Dawei Jin and Jun Chen
From caused-motion to spatial configuration: Placement verbs in Mandarin
Meichun Liu and Juiching Chang
The effect of morphological structure on semantic transparency ratings
Shichang Wang, Chu-Ren Huang, Yao Yao and Angel Chan
Degree intensifiers as expressives in Mandarin Chinese
Zhiguo Xie and Qiongpeng Luo
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