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第1卷 (2000) 第 2 期目錄
On Tsou Wh-Questions: Movement or in Situ?
張雅音 (Melody Ya-yin Chang)
張顯達 (Hintat Cheung)
龔煌城 (Hwang-cherng Gong)
Loanwords from English to Malay in the Field of Mathematics
Michael Ian Hartley、Wong May Kim
The Story of Heads and Tails-On a Sequentially Sensitive Lexicon
黃宣範 (Shuanfan Huang)
On the Temporal Meaning of the Verbal -le in Chinese
林若望 (Jo-wang Lin)
An Extrusional Approach to *p-/w- Variation in Sino-Tibetan
James A. Matisoff
Rules vs. Analogy in Mandarin Classifier Selection
James Myers (麥傑)
Stem Alternations in Puxi Verb Inflection: Toward Validating the rGyalrongic Subgroup in Qiangic
孫天心 (Jackson T.-S. Sun)
Linguistic Limits on Metalinguistic Negation: Evidence from Mandarin and English
David Wible、Eva Chen
The Roots of Old Chinese
By Laurent Sagart. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1999
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