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A Phonological History of the Ningde Dialect of Eastern Min
Language and Linguistics Monograph Series 60
Author:Akitani Hiroyuki
Size: 19cmx26cm xii+747pages Chinese
Publication Date:2018-04-30
The Ningde (寧德) dialect of Fujian Province belongs to the Funing (福寧) subgroup of Eastern Min. The present work contains two major parts; a synchronic part and a diachronic part. The synchronic part describes three varieties of the modern Ningde dialect. Their most important phonological feature is the retention of seven final consonants: -m/-p, -n/-t,-ŋ/-k, and -ʔ . The diachronic part reconstructs Proto-Ningde based on the modern Ningde varieties, and traces the phonological history of the Ningde dialect. Proto-Ningde is shown to be rather conservative and similar to Proto-Eastern Min. An appendix lists 1,460 forms of Proto-Ningde. 
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