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Guest Editing
To ensure that it covers a diverse range of research topics, LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS invites internationally known scholars to guest edit special journal issues and publications in its monograph series (including papers presented at conferences on specific themes, or written on specific topics). 
LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS welcomes interested researchers to submit proposals for special issues to the editorial board for review. All submissions for special issues and the monograph series are subject to peer review. For further details please see below.

  Information for Guest Editors

 Former Guest Editors
 Elizabeth Zeitoun
 Academia Sinica
 3.2 (2002)
 Nominalization in Formosan Languages
 Yuchau E. Hsiao
 National Cheng Chi University
 4.2 (2003)
 Semantics and Cognition
 Chu-Ren Huang
 Academia Sinica
 4.3 (2003)
 Chinese Lexical Semantic
 Elizabeth Zeitoun
 Academia Sinica
 5.2 (2004)
 Issues on Austronesian Linguistics
 James Myers, James Tai
 National Chung Cheng University
 6.2 (2005)
 Taiwan Sign Language
 Shuanfan Huang
 National Taiwan Unicersity
 6.4 (2005)
 Discourse and Cognition
 Min-hua Chiang
 Academia Sinica
 7.2 (2006)
 Chia-Ying Lee
 Academia Sinica
 7.3 (2006)
 Brain and Language
 Elizabeth Zeitoun
 Academia Sinica
 Robert D. Van Valin, Jr.
 University at Buffalo
 8.1 (2007)
 Role and Reference Grammar in Taiwan
 Meichun Liu
 National Chiao Tung University
 9.2 (2008)
 Lexicon, Grammar and Natural language Processing
 Henry Y. Chang
 Academia Sinica
 9.4 (2008)
 Relatives and Clauses
 Stacy Fang-ching Teng
 Academia Sinica
12.1 (2013)
 Coordination and Comitativity in Austronesian Languages
 Rui-wen Wu
 Academia Sinica
14.2 (2013)
 Studies on Min Language
 Suying Hsiao
 Academia Sinica
14.6 (2014)
 The Representation of Time in Asian languages
 Henry Y. Chang
 Academia Sinica
15.1 (2014)
 Syntax–Semantics Interface
 Huei-ling Lai
 National Cheng Chi University
 Shu-Chuan Tseng
 Academia Sinica
16.1 (2015)
 Language and Computation: A Synergy
 Li-May Sung
 National Taiwan University
 Chia-Ying Lee
 Academia Sinica
16.4 (2015)
 Body Experience and Language Processing
 Yuchau E. Hsiao
 National Chengchi University
 Lian-Hee Wee
 Hong Kong Baptist University
16.6 (2015)
 Theoretical Aspects of Chinese Phonology
 Ik-sang Eom
 Hanyang University
20.1 (2019)
 Sound, Form, and Meaning of Chinese Dialects
 Jeeyoung Peck
 Hanyang University
20.2 (2019)
 The Interface of Semantics & Etymology, Morpho-syntax, and pragmatics in Chinese
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